Technobrain IT solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I have started  my journey of professional career with Technobrains IT solutions Pvt. Ltd after I left Sarjen systems Pvt. Ltd.

Here in this venture I have started working as Senior software professional and currently I am playing role of Team Lead.

Project summary Which I did or I am doing in Technobrains IT solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Project: Time clock wizard
Role: Senior software developer (Part of team to upgrade application to MVC from 2-tier)
Description: Time clock wizard is the application which is used for time tracking. And based on calculated time of employee payroll will managed. It also include absences management, reimbursement.


Project: School Check in
Role: Senior software developer / Team Lead
Description: School Check in is the application which is used in schools at U.S. Main purpose of this application is to manage students and their schedules of lecture, faculties, parents. Auto check in and auto checkout of students, faculties.


Project: Cloud App
Role: Senior Software Professional
Description: Cloud app is the application which was developed to fulfill the purpose of uploading accounting data from Desktop base accounting application to cloud base web application. Also a web application was developed which is representing data which are uploaded from desktop base application.


Project: e-Aconter
Role: Senior Software Professional / Team Lead
Description: e-Aconter is an application which is being developed with new well know technology (Angular 4 & Node). It will be used for tracking all transactions of the organizations or ventures which are running on partnership firms